Ocean Education Programs 2019

Oceans in Focus is going into schools around the world to give ocean presentations to elementary students.  Each presentation addresses issues and problems that our oceans face today.  Engaging children and providing sustainable solutions in order to show children how they can care for our oceans.  Each presentation utilizes photography, film and sound in order to educate and inspire kids.  Follow-up materials  and interactive assignments are provided to the teacher and students with each presentation.

2019 Presentations

  • Plastics in Our Oceans:  How to eliminate single use plastics in our lives
  • The Deep Ocean:  What we don’t see is vital to our oceans
  • How Art Connects Us:  Using art to tell stories and affect positive change for our environment
  • Pole to Pole: How our Polar Regions are rapidly changing and what we can do

Please contact us for more information and to sign up your class/school


Oceans in Focus Internship Program 2019

The Oceans in Focus Internship Program aims to train high school, community college and undergraduate students with a strong interest in ocean advocacy and environmental conservation as it relates to our world oceans.  Intern positions are available during the academic school year as well as a six-week summer period.  All interns will be mentored/coached by an OIF Officer via remote conferencing which will take place on a quarterly basis.  OIF Internships to include: Ocean Presentation Program, Social Media Program, Community Outreach Program, Press / Media Program and Marine Science Program.

All interns gain experience in communications and leadership, including participating in educational outreach activities.

Internship schedule coming soon.   Three Internship Programs will begin in the Spring of 2019

Please contact us if you or your school would like to participate in our unpaid Internship Program.





A healthly Ocean means a healthy Earth

Take a look and learn about our oceans 

Take a look and learn about our ocean 

OIF Presentations and Local Ocean Photography Camps

For Schools, Education Institutions, concerned global individuals, and children please email OIF to receive Information on our Ocean Education programs and activities Contact Us

Learning Center /Activities

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Virtual Education Program-Travel the world with Us
OIF will be implementing an interactive classroom program in 2017. As we travel the world shining a light on our oceans, we will choose special locations to stream live into your classroom. Children will be able to not only view live video footage, but also engage and ask questions from the OIF Team as we try to find solutions to the immediate and critical problems we face with our oceans. Contact us for more information and sign up. Site specific with wifi availability.