‘Refuse’ plastic water bottles

‘Refuse’ plastic water bottles

Written by Christine Bernasconi

I first remember hearing my Mother use the word ‘convenient’ back in the late 1960’s. Anything

that would save time and effort for the ‘busy’ consumer was considered ‘a must’ and very ‘convenient.’

Fast forward to the year 2016 – we are surrounded by convenience. We can shop on-line, hire a dog

walker to walk our beloved pooch or even have a ‘robo-vac’ clean the house for us!

Then there’s bottled water. In a recyclable plastic container. The ultimate convenience!

It is very convenient to be able to call into the corner store, or the supermarket and buy bottled

water, at any time. Yes, very convenient for YOU. But not for our planet.

“But I recycle everything” I hear you say. “I do my bit for the planet.”

Did you know it takes an enormous amount of energy to recycle that one water bottle you used for

such a short period of time?

Your plastic bottle will take over 1,000 years to bio-degrade, and if incinerated,

will produce toxic fumes.1

The plastic breaks down into smaller particles that are ingested by land animals and marine life.

The consequences are catastrophic on so many levels.


Yes, I encourage you to reduce your use of plastic, and I also want you to keep re-using any plastic items

you already have.

And absolutely definitely, always recycle all plastic.

But what about refusing to buy water in a plastic bottle in the first place?

Here are the facts.

Australians purchased over 726 million litres of water in 2015 in plastic bottles.

It takes between 3-7 litres of water and one litre of oil to produce one litre of bottled water.1

Approximately 60% of plastic water bottles used by Australians end up in landfill or our waterways.1

It really doesn’t take much to change your habits, you will save money and the planet will be better off..

So let’s make a commitment. No more plastic water bottles.

Jump on-line or head to any department store and buy yourself at least two decent water bottles.

I suggest a stainless steel bottle – it’s durable and won’t leach any nasties into the water in the bottle.

Okay now the hard bit – remembering to use it.

Let’s talk about some tricks to change your habits and make sure you actually use your new drink bottle.


  • A sticky note on the back of the front door or handbag.
  • Set a reminder on your phone.

Always keep a spare water bottle in your car and gym bag.

When travelling, take a drink bottle with a built in ‘filter’. If you are travelling by plane,

tell the flight attendant that you don’t want any water in a plastic bottle. Period.

Ask them to refill your drink bottle using the on board water fountain.

Ready to make the commitment?

I’d love to know how you go with changing your ‘water bottle’ habit. Let me know

in the comments below.

1) http://www.coolaustralia.org/bottled-water-secondary/






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